Schenkel Construction provides top quality turn-key design/build services in northeast Indiana. The proven benefits to this project delivery method include:

  • Single-source responsibility for all design, permitting, construction and project closeout
  • Ability to determine price early, resulting in cost savings
  • Increased quality across the board
  • Improved risk management
  • Flexibility to accelerate the project schedule if needed

Our mission is to provide the best construction experience to our clients.  We work with a variety of architects who specialize in all types of design style. We will assemble a team and use the best materials, methods, and tradespeople, and keep the client’s goals at the forefront of all decision-making.

We have worked with Schenkel Construction on two different projects.  In 2017, Schenkel built our beautiful 15,000 square feet southwest office location and most recently, they completed a remodel at our Dupont office location. 

Working with Schenkel Construction is always easy.  They stay on schedule, are great about letting us change things up or add additional details to the project.  They are quick to respond or be on hand whenever a question or concern arises.  It’s a great stress reliever to know that an answer is only a phone call or e-mail away.

I would highly recommend Schenkel Construction for any job.

Deanna Schaefer, Business Manager- Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates