As organizations grow and change, it's often necessary for the building or space plan to change along with them. Whether you need to add square footage or simply reconfigure the space you have, our experienced contractors are ready to help with your commercial renovation or addition. We will come to your site, listen to the goals you have for the project, and offer knowledgeable solutions to accomplish the upgrade. No job is too large or too small; and we see every project as an opportunity to build stronger relationships with our clients. 

Renovations and additions can serve a variety of purposes:

  • Increase productivity by optimizing space planning according to workflow
  • Upgrade an organization's public image 
  • Improve customer traffic patterns
  • Boost employee satisfaction with the workplace environment and attract the best talent

Now that our 60,000 sq. ft. facility expansion and lunchroom/locker room renovation project has been completed, I wanted to close the loop by offering some feedback/insight into the experience. What was delivered was exactly what was originally discussed at the beginning. Completing this project with no hidden expenses speaks volumes for Schenkel Construction Inc. Schenkel did an excellent job of assuming the customers perspective as issues were identified and worked through.

The management of this project start to finish was exceptional. The Schenkel on-site superintendent (Tom Guin) is a “Best in Class” professional. He was extremely well respected by all sub-contractors and our employees. He worked through the issues that arose with professionalism and a great sense of urgency. His daily management of this project was key to the success. His positive approach, forward planning, and strong attention to safety eliminated many of the normal pit falls projects such as this experience.

Thank you again for partnering with us to complete an exceptional project within budget and meet the original time table that was established. It’s always great to build new partnerships such as the one that was developed throughout this project. Thanks again and good luck into the future.

Thomas A Buchs, Maintenance/Facility Manager - Hendrickson Suspension